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Why does a Good Deck Sealer


A deck sealer saves you maintenace costs and time, if applied with caution. Cleaning the deck prior to application, and a wise and careful selection of deck sealer are two important things in this regard. A one time investment in a quality deck sealer is worthy for long-term savings.


While making a wooden/ concrete /asphalt deck a part of your house’s exterior, it should be kept in mind that nature has its own odds and it can cause damage to the deck, if left without protection. A good and long-lasting deck sealer is therefore an important component to a deck’s maintenace.

Protective Effect

Rain, Sunshine, Wind and Dust, each of these natural phenomenas has its individual deteriorating impact on the exterior decks. Water can cause wood to swell and break and more vulnerable to moths and mildew.Sunshine causes fading of colour.

A good deck sealer, therefore does matter a lot when it comes to nullify these effects. Different types of deck sealers offer different protections. Clear seal finishes blocks moisture from penetrating in the deeper layers and also offer protection from rain and wind, whereas the heavier and opaque stains also offer additional protection from UV rays.

A sealed deck is a lot more easier to clean then an unsealed one. In an unsealed deck or patio, dirt penetrates inside the minor chirpings and is difficult to remove, thereby dullifying the appearance. On a sealed deck however, dirt remains on the surface and can easily be wiped out or broomed off.

A better protected deck often lasts longer, require less maintenance and therefore incurs less additional costs.


Better than Paint

A good deck sealer is also a better option when compared to paint. While paint may be a good option to apply on the walls, it is not designed to withstand weather conditions and therefore, it often chirps or cracks in extreme conditions. For exterior decks and speacially wooden ones, only suitable and weather resistant Deck sealers should be used for protection.

Aesthetic Effect

Aside from protection, Deck sealers also offer for aesthetic purposes. A clear deck seal provides an extra lustrous shine and glossy effect to your outdoor deck or patio. It also enhances wood’s natural grain, texture and colour.

Even if extra shine is undesirable, clear deck sealers are also available which have a matt effect.They do not cause a wet look that is characteristic to ultra shine sealers.

Opaque and coloured stains can hide the minor flaws and imperfections of old wood/concrete, and can also enhance the current appearance of the patio.If the color selection is done wisely, It can complement the furniture, furnishings and other items present on the deck. Therefore, a good sealer plays an important role in overall appearance of the deck.

With all these many and large benefits, a Good deck sealer surely matters in improving the exterior of your house and beautifying it. You can know a lot more when you visit this website.


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